Nouvel Garden

Atmospheric garden ambience and delicious BBQs

In keeping with the spirit of the times, Nouvel's garden range is constantly being developed and adapted to current trends. Whereas originally mainly exposed aggregate concrete fireplaces were developed and sold, today the range also includes countless articles made of high-quality Corten and boiler steel. Firewood racks of various sizes and shapes as well as a wide range of accessories round off the exclusive assortment.
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Garden fire

Mostly manufactured in Italy, our own developments in the garden fire range comprise a select mixture of high-quality products made of corten and boiler steel. All products are designed in such a way that they can be used as grills for the preparation of culinary delicacies, but also as atmospheric decorative fires.
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For over 30 years, Nouvel AG has been the Swiss leader in the field of garden fireplaces. Cheminées from our own production stand for the highest quality and uncompromising grilling pleasure. Thanks to the Nouvel swivel arm system, for which all our fireplaces are prepared as standard, the area of application can be extended almost at will, so that the preparation of roasts, fish, wok dishes or mulled wine is also possible without any problems.
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Firewood shelves

Our timeless firewood racks are not only suitable for the stylish storage of firewood, but are also able to set visual accents. Whether "indoor" or "outdoor": the elegant products combine utility with functionality and also cut a fine figure as a privacy screen, bench or decorative shelf.
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Grill Me

"Grill Me" is handmade in Italy. All products are made of high-quality terracotta (baked earth): one of the oldest, natural materials in cultural history. Grill Me is heat-resistant and easy to clean and can therefore be heated on a grill grate, an open flame, directly in the embers or in the oven. By using natural materials, food is not affected by harmful substances such as aluminium or nickel, while vitamins, aroma and minerals are preserved: a 100% natural taste experience.
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Garden furniture

Granite table sets have been standard for quite some time. And rightly so: with their robustness, they defy sun, rain, radiation and weather without really requiring any care. Similarly durable, but easier to move, is our timeless aluminium furniture.
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The Nouvel Cooling line differs in some respects from what you might think of as a conventional cooler bag. It combines fashionable aspirations with functional design. In addition to trendy and practical cooling bags, the range also includes cooling elements and bottle coolers.
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Brand representation

Nouvel has long-standing and close partnerships with all well-known Swiss retail partners as well as countless barbecue and garden specialist shops. We also make this extensive network available to selected manufacturers of branded products. Our brand portfolio includes the "Forge Adour" brand. This includes high-quality plancha grills, all of which are manufactured in Europe. More information is also available at: